Case 01

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Clinical information

  • A 66-year old man presented to the gastroenterologist with a four-month history of progressive watery diarrhea and 8-10 bowel movements/day. He was hospitalized twice during a 6-week period for dehydration and a 40-pound weight loss. Stool studies demonstrated fecal fat; cultures and a C. difficile toxin assay were negative. Other laboratory results included polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia, normal IgA, mildly elevated celiac markers (IgA and IgG gliadin, tTG) with negative HLA DQ2/8 haplotype, and normal serum chromogranin, gastrin, serotonin, and VIP levels. Mild ileal thickening was noted on abdominal imaging, but no other abnormalities were observed. Pertinent past medical history included pancreatic insufficiency requiring enzyme supplementation and mild hypothyroidism. These biopsies are from the duodenum.


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